Complete Shop Drawings For the Glass and Aluminium Industry
Due to the demand from the construction industry for "Shop Drawings" from Builders,
Architects, Glass & aluminium manufacturers, and others we offer a quick and accurate service for cad shop drawings
To suit Architect and Builder Requirements in .DWG, PDF formats 
Direct Liaison with Architect or Builder if required
All drawings in full scale or as requested
Prompt turnaround 
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KOOL Industries
Shop Drawings
A typical set of drawings will contain the following:

1. Cover sheet: This sheet contains all the miscellaneous job information including: , miscellaneous  schedule, material type schedule, legend, general contractor information, architect information, job location, revision block and an area for architect/contractor approval stamps and comments.

2. Elevation sheet(s): The elevations are typically drawn to scale at 1:50 (A3 size sheet). Typical elevations include all dimensioning, quantities, architectural references, detail balloons with sheet numbers.

3. Detail sheet(s): The details are typically drawn to scale at 1:20 (A3 size sheet). Typical details include dimensioning, architectural references, perimeter construction and notes (part numbers, by other designations, fabrication and installation notes).

Please note, this is our standard method of preparing shop drawings.The shop drawings can be drawn as per your standards but if you require more or less information than what is explianed above, let us know. We can prepare your drawings exactly the way you want. Any project that requires a unique approach will be custom designed for you.

There is always a small learning curve with first time customers. Our first job will take a little longer, as we try very hard to present the job the way you want to see it.

In order to perform the most accurate set of drawings please provide us the following:

A set of architectural drawings including:

3)Floor plans
4) any relevant section drawings

The more information you provide the more accurate and professional your shop drawings will be.
Glass and Aluminium Industry